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TNVC and U.S. Palm, in a collaborative design effort, have developed a solution to a problem plaguing U.S. Warfighters, Law Enforcement Professionals, Civilian Hunters, and Target Shooters: How to achieve a proper cheek weld on a scoped M14/M1A Rifle? For decades, individuals have implemented improvised methods in the form of foam pillows and 100mph tape attached to butt stocks. These stopgap solutions do not last long under field conditions. Other attempts to provide after-market risers have proven to be unreliable under battlefield conditions. Other manufactured add-on full stock assemblies while novel in approach, add severe weight and costs penalties. All this changes with the introduction of the new RSP line.

The RSP Mod.0 is the first of several new Stock enhancements to be released and is designed for the M14/M1A rifle. Because of the long-range engagements on current and specific battlefield locales and the need for heavy-hitting rounds, the M14/M1A is seeing resurgence in the hands of U.S. Warfighters. The majority of these scoped DMR’s are issued with a standard stock. The new RSP Mod.0 easily attaches to these stocks and provides the shooter with a stable, optimum comb height. “We were fed up with seeing our Warfighters resorting to pillows and tape to get a good cheek weld on their M14’s. There had to be a better way,” said TNVC’s President, Victor Di Cosola. The RSP Mod.0 also includes a built-in horizontal magazine pouch that can hold a single extra USGI 20rd M14 magazine and a fast-access clear sleeve pocket for DOPE/Range cards and/or target photos. The RSP is made in the U.S. from 1000d Cordura Nylon.

The TNVC initial idea for the RSP originated with the need for a functional stock riser for use on a standardized Remington 700 with a Remington Military MARS Rail setup. The MARS adds 20MOA to the scope height and is used for mounting clip-on night sights in front of day scopes. US Palm, with their tactical nylon expertise was approached and the project was kicked into high gear. It was decided to focus the first model on the M14/M1A platform because of immediate need by U.S. Warfighters. The RSP Mod.0 is the first in a series of Riser Stock Pouches. Future releases are in the works for other weapon platforms.

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