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Kitanica is a small business that has taken a different approach to bring their garments to market. Kitanica is a specialty manufacturer of heavy-duty outerwear and clothing. Kitanica products are made in the U.S. and made with U.S. made materials. The business model is predicated on the company doing all of its own designing, pattern/sample making, and fabric sourcing, culminating in small-run production lots. This self-reliance is key to Kitanica’s uncompromising quality, durability, and incredible fit. Internally it is referred to as the “Chain-of-Quality.” This “Chain-of-Quality” gives Kitanica the confidence to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on its jackets.

The company was originally started in 1995 by brothers Beej and Chris Cronin in Brooklyn, NY. In this first attempt, Kitanica sought sales through retailers by doing large industry trade shows like MAGIC, The Boutique Show, and ASR. At that time the start-up company’s resources were spread too thin due to the high costs of exhibiting at these tradeshows. The business generated in this manner produced insignificant profits and, in 2001, Kitanica work was put on hold. At that time, Beej pursued his masters in education and became a teacher of at-risk youth in San Francisco and Oakland.

Fast-forward to 2007. A childhood friend of Beej’s was “Googling” him to hunt down his current address. The search results for Beej Cronin yielded various forum listings and discussion threads about an incredible jacket seen on the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters. Fans of the show were inquiring to find out if the jacket was still being made or was available for sale somewhere. Adam Savage, host of the show, had bought a Kitanica MARK IV and was wearing it on certain episodes. The online buzz generated from the MythBusters exposure prompted Beej to create a website for Kitanica. The company’s partners, Beej and Chris Cronin and their cousin, Len Riccio have spent the last year renovating work space, redesigning websites and sourcing everything from snaps to print vendors. Two website redesigns and a Facebook page later, Kitanica jackets are being sold direct around the world and gaining notoriety among fans of high design utility gear.

Kitanica has just introduced a brand new style – the MARK I Tactical Utility Jacket. Like its predecessor the MARK IV, the MARK I strikes an ingenious balance of rugged durability, paramilitary function, and exceptional fit with an undeniably aggressive look. It is the latest manifestation of Kitanica’s relentless pursuit to construct a jacket like no other outerwear on the market.

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