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Jerry Miculek Teams Up With Mossberg

Mossberg & Sons is moving forward into the competitive shooting field by teaming with one of the world’s best competitive shooters – Jerry Miculek. Miculek is a world-renowned competitive and speed shooter, with numerous National and World shooting titles. These include several in the fastest growing competitive shooting arena: 3-Gun, where he is a five time USPSA 3-Gun National Champion.

“The need for a fast and reliable shotgun is a necessity in order to consistently stay on top of the game with such a high level of competition in the 3-gun field,” states Miculek. “With this platform being proven at the competitive level, I have complete confidence in the Mossberg 930 for any application.”

While using the Mossberg 930 shotgun, Miculek already has three championship wins this season including the 2010 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. He will continue to shoot the Mossberg 930 in competitive shotgun and 3-gun events as he works closely with the Mossberg team in developing a line of Jerry Miculek Series competition shotguns.

Tom Taylor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing comments, “We are excited to have Jerry as part of the Mossberg team. The performance and reliability that he demands from his firearms parallels what Mossberg expects from their own products. We look forward to growing our presence in the competitive shooting world with Jerry while he takes the lead using Mossberg shotguns.”

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